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Online Grocery: customer places grocery order online and has it delivered to home or picks it up at one of our participating stores or remote locations; and. We offer a broad assortment of merchandise that provides one-stop shopping, in-stock levels that give our customers confidence that we will have the products they need and operating hours that allow customers to shop at their convenience. In addition, our eCommerce capabilities, including omni-channel transactions that involve both an eCommerce platform and a physical format, are important factors in our competition with other retailers.

The remaining merchandise we purchased was shipped directly from suppliers. General merchandise and dry grocery merchandise is transported primarily through the segment's private truck fleet; however, we contract with common carriers to transport the majority of our perishable grocery merchandise. We ship merchandise purchased by customers on our eCommerce platforms by a number of methods from multiple locations including from our 30 dedicated eCommerce fulfillment centers.

Owned and Operated. Owned and Third Party Operated. Leased and Operated.

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Third Party Owned and Operated. Walmart International Segment. The Walmart International segment consists of operations in 27 countries outside of the U. Generally, retail units range in size from 8, square feet to , square feet. Our wholesale stores generally range in size from 35, square feet to , square feet. Other, which includes drugstores and convenience stores operating under various banners in Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom, range in size up to 2, square feet. Also, on a limited basis, Walmart International operates financial institutions that provide consumer credit.

The following table provides the retail unit count 1 and retail square feet 2 for the fiscal years shown:. Unit Count. Square Feet. Mexico 3. Walmart International unit counts, with the exception of Canada, are stated as of December 31, to correspond with the fiscal year end of the related geographic market.

Canada unit counts and square footage are stated as of January For the balance forward, all country balances are stated as of the end of fiscal year All periods presented exclude units and square feet for the Vips restaurant business. The Company completed the sale of the Vips restaurant business in fiscal Geographic Market. Other 2.

Africa 3. Central America 4. United Kingdom. Other includes drug stores and convenience stores.

Walmart International operates eCommerce websites in numerous countries. Customers have access through our eCommerce websites and, in countries where available, mobile commerce applications to a broad assortment of merchandise and services, both of which vary by country. The merchandising strategy for Walmart International is similar to that of our operations in the U.

While brand name merchandise accounts for a majority of our sales, we have both leveraged U. The hours of operation for operating units in Walmart International vary by country and by individual markets within countries, depending upon local and national ordinances governing hours of operation. Operating units in each country accept a variety of payment methods. Walmart International's business is seasonal to a certain extent. Historically, the segment's highest sales volume and operating income have occurred in the fourth quarter of our fiscal year.

The seasonality of the business varies by country due to different national and religious holidays, festivals and customs, as well as different weather patterns. We also operate, on a limited basis, consumer credit operations. We compete with others for desirable sites for new or relocated units. Our ability to develop, open and operate units at the right locations and to deliver a customer-centric experience that seamlessly integrates digital and physical shopping determines, to a large extent, our competitive position in the markets in which Walmart International operates.

We believe price leadership is a critical part of our business model and we continue to focus on moving our markets towards an EDLP approach. Additionally, our ability to operate food departments effectively has a significant impact on our competitive position in the markets where we operate.

In the markets in which we have eCommerce websites or mobile commerce applications, those websites and applications help differentiate us from our competitors and help us compete with other retailers for customers and their purchases, both in our digital and physical retail operations. Through these facilities, we process and distribute both imported and domestic products to the operating units of the Walmart International segment.

Suppliers ship the balance of Walmart International's purchases directly to our stores in the various markets in which we operate. International distribution facilities. We ship merchandise purchased by customers on our eCommerce websites and through our mobile commerce applications by a number of methods from multiple locations including from our dedicated eCommerce fulfillment centers.

Sam's Club Segment. The Sam's Club segment operates membership-only warehouse clubs, as well as samsclub. Beginning in the year ending January 31, "fiscal " , Sam's Club simplified the membership program. The following two options are available to members:.

Membership Type. Annual Membership Fee. Up to Up to 8.

Eligible for Cash Rewards. Eligible for Free Shipping. The amount earned can be used for purchases, membership fees or redeemed for cash. Plus Members are also eligible for Free Shipping on the vast majority of merchandise available online, with no minimum order size. Free Shipping is yet another example of creating a new Sam's Club for our members. As a membership-only warehouse club, Sam's Club facility sizes generally range between 94, and , square feet, with an average size of approximately , square feet.

The following table provides the retail unit count and retail square feet for the fiscal years shown :. Total 1. Feet 1.

Sam's Club provides its members access to a broad assortment of merchandise, including products not found in our clubs, and services online at samsclub. Sam's Club offers merchandise in the following five merchandise categories:. Grocery and consumables includes dairy, meat, bakery, deli, produce, dry, chilled or frozen packaged foods, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, floral, snack foods, candy, other grocery items, health and beauty aids, paper goods, laundry and home care, baby care, pet supplies and other consumable items;.

Fuel and other categories consists of gasoline stations, tobacco, tools and power equipment, and tire and battery centers;. Home and apparel includes home improvement, outdoor living, grills, gardening, furniture, apparel, jewelry, housewares, toys, seasonal items, mattresses and small appliances;. Technology, office and entertainment includes electronics, wireless, software, video games, movies, books, music, office supplies, office furniture, photo processing and third-party gift cards; and.

Health and wellness includes pharmacy, optical and hearing services and over-the-counter drugs. The Member's Mark brand continues to expand assortment and deliver member value. The percentage of net sales for Sam's Club, including eCommerce sales, by merchandise category, was as follows for fiscal , and :.

Grocery and consumables. Fuel and other categories. Home and apparel. Technology, office and entertainment. Operating hours for Sam's Clubs are generally Monday through Friday from a. Additionally, all club locations offer Plus Members the ability to shop before the regular operating hours Monday through Saturday, starting at a. A variety of payment methods are accepted at our clubs and online, including the co-branded Sam's Club "Cash Back" MasterCard. Sam's Club's business is seasonal to a certain extent due to calendar events and national and religious holidays, as well as different weather patterns.

Sam's Club competes with other membership-only warehouse clubs, the largest of which is Costco, as well as with discount retailers, retail and wholesale grocers, general merchandise wholesalers and distributors, gasoline stations as well as digital retailers and catalog businesses. At Sam's Club, we provide value at members-only prices, a quality merchandise assortment, and bulk sizing to serve both our Plus and Club members.

Our eCommerce website and mobile commerce. Suppliers shipped the balance of the Sam's Club segment's purchases directly to Sam's Club locations.

Sam's Club distribution facilities. The principal focus of Sam's Club's distribution operations is on cross-docking merchandise, while stored inventory is minimized. Cross-docking is a distribution process under which shipments are directly transferred from inbound to outbound trailers. Shipments typically spend less than 24 hours in a cross-dock facility, and sometimes less than an hour. Sam's Club uses a combination of our private truck fleet, as well as common carriers, to transport non-perishable merchandise from distribution facilities to clubs.

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  7. The segment contracts with common carriers to transport perishable grocery merchandise from distribution facilities to clubs. Sam's Club ships merchandise purchased by members on samsclub. Other Segment Information. Note 15 also includes information regarding total revenues and long-lived assets aggregated by our U.