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Nothing inorganic here, just pure Natural Facts. Sparrow Steeple's music exists in its own universe. An imagined utopia or is it a dystopia? Their second album "Tin Top Sorcerer" arrives near the front end of , just in time for spring to blossom. Despite the fantastic yarns spun see the tragic tale of the "Wolfman of Mayberry", or "Girl of the Whispering Woods" , "Tin Top Sorcerer" has an air of realism - or perhaps "magical realism", that place these songs in a place simultaneously out-of-time and from a possible future, permeated by a sense that these things could actually have happened or will happen at some point in our shared existence.

Skip to content. When Lauren Bauman learns she's sharing a cross-country road trip with a man who once bullied her, her old insecurities surface. But Jet Wurm isn't the boy he had been and he's working on becoming a better man. Or will they learn that real love keeps no record of wrongs? All Tessa Chanson ever wanted was a stable place to call home. She thought she'd found that when she moved in with Jared--until his home became her prison.

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When his control escalates, the only answer is to escape--an escape that's hampered when she falls and fractures her ankle. While building his graphic design company, Nate Brooks is focused on the future he's dreamed of: traveling around the country from the comfort of his renovated school bus.

2Pac - Brenda's Got A Baby (Official Music Video)

But when he picks up a wounded, mysterious hitchhiker, those well-laid plans take a backseat to protecting her. Hobbled by her injury, Tessa fears she'll never find freedom. Or has she found it with the family who graciously opens their home to her? And will Nate's protection put his family--and his heart--at risk?

Both have a heart for the homeless, but their methods of serving are decidedly different. Can they overcome their differences and learn what it really means to serve and to love? Can she risk falling for a man whose house she may have to take away? He's a nature photographer returning to make amends.

Many local children attend this school … as well as most younger children of western residents. More school children carrying large posters. Others talk about putting your garbage in a trash can. San Marcos has about residents, with about of them being children … and there are several schools scattered around.

After the parade ended in front of my house, I ran back to the center of town, finding a seat on an upper tier of the concrete seating in the basketball court and town meeting hall. They have a stage set up where I will soon watch lots of typical political talking and some school performances. In the foreground are two marimbas — large wooden xylophones that are quite traditional here in Guatemala.

The basketball court is the end of the parade catholic church in background , and I get here in time to witness the first entries filtering in. They all stand in the middle of the basketball court. Different views of some of the posters as the parade marchers huddle around in various parts of the basketball court. These marimba musicians were quite talented … two men and four boys … all playing in harmonic unison.

Every year they pass them out free to people in the crowd … helping them have some nourishment during the long slow-moving program. This is my peach. This is the first year I have ever taken one. I ate it an hour or two later. I really was needing that nourishment … and the program was quite long.

One day in September, I wore some of those purple flowers to a cacao ceremony. My friend Barbara loved them, and asked if she could take a photo. When she posted it on Facebook, I downloaded the photo so I could post it here. Those are purple flowers from my yard … and that earring is part of a pair that I purchased near Cuenca, Ecuador during one of my tours in June. On September 22, , after a beautiful intuitive therapy massage, acu-pressure, energy work session with my dear friend Marta, I was inspired to do a ceremony with little Bobby-bear and Brenda-doll.

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During that session, I had realized that I was still seeing my little boy and girl inner children as being somewhat separate from each other. In this ceremony, I bought two candles, one for each, and burned them both, allowing them to meld together as the wax burned down.

This is Bobby-bear and Brenda-doll, sitting with my two candles. The flames were small at this point. Later, I had to move my little friends further away, because the merging flame kept getting brighter and hotter.

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For me, it was a beautiful, emotional and spiritual experience as I symbolically rejoined these two metaphors into a unified symbol — a double candle increasingly merging together. Similar photo, from further away. It took a long time for the large candles to burn … and was quite dark before I ended the ceremony and went to bed I saved some to burn later. On October 19, — after a cacao ceremony — I returned home to find this stick bug on the wall by my front door. It was about four or five inches in length body portion. It blew me away how much it looked like a real stick.

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Had it not been for the six legs, I would never have even paid attention to it. The guidance is quite strong, and I have purchased plane tickets to leave Guatemala on November 16, … flying back to the United States, were I will take care of many much-needed details with banking etc … after which I will begin a road trip while following intuitive and synchronous events. Meanwhile, I still have one more photo post to make before leaving the magical vortex of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

On September 10, I participated in a trip to the Pacific side of Guatemala, where we visited the place where Keith first encountered Cacao in person. Later this week, I hope to post photos from that trip. At the end of that photo post, I will share more details of my magical journey during the last four months.

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On Sunday, July 12, , I stepped out onto the street in front of my hostel. Daylight was barely beginning to dawn as I quietly walked about feet up the steeply inclined street in front of me. After quietly knocking on the front door of another hostel and tour agency , I giggled when a security guard came to the door looking as if he were half asleep.

Less than twenty minutes later, I found myself aboard a small bus, zooming through the streets of Quito, preparing to head south through the Ecuadorian countryside. Quilatoa is a popular tourist destination just a few hours south of Quito. It is a huge two-mile wide volcanic crater caldera with a beautiful lake inside. The lake level itself is at 11, feet meters above sea level. This post contains 65 photos photos telling the story of my visit to Quilatoa, and then includes my flight into the skies above Quito, less than two days later including 7 more photos.

After about an hour of driving south, our bus stopped in a small town where we met our tour guide and all had breakfast together. Soon, we were back on the road again. And a huge section filled with exotic fruits, most of which come from the jungle side of the mountains.

But transportation options often have a familiar flair. This is different from Guatemalan open-air pickups … but similar in concept. After leaving the market, we drive for a half hour up into the mountains … and then stop in the middle of nowhere by a tiny farm hut — where we stop to visit a traditional family. This hut was totally dark inside … they had no electricity. I took this photo with a flash. The corner is filled with live guinea pigs, all being grown for food.

Brenda’s beaver needs a barber...

We are at quite a high altitude here, and the terrain is more rolling hills, with different climate and vegetation. After driving another half hour or more , we briefly stop at a view area. We are continuing to get higher and higher. We must be at least 12, to 14, feet in this spot. Soon, after stopping at an artist shop, I cannot resist taking this photo same mountain behind of a small scarecrow. It is beautiful and very unique. brendas - Amazon Global Store / Science, Nature & Math: Books

Inside the shop. By the time we reach Quilatoa, it is raining. This photo was taken through the wet windows of the bus. This is a sign at the very top of the trail. Beginning to walk down the upper part of the trail … I was paying close attention all the way down, trying to decide if I would be able to walk back up … or if I wanted to pay to rent a horse to bring me back up.