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The series was then reaired on 16 October Zakrytaya shkola. Mexico On 25 May the series was introduced on the Mexican channel Azteca 7. As of now [ when? Currently, it only airs on Antena 3 Internacional. Peru The series began playing 30 May in Trujillo and is currently still playing. United States The Spanish production company had been in contact with American channels and producers to adapt or co-produce an American version. In July , the original series became available from Netflix, on its streaming service. The story took place in a college situated in a forest of the Department of l' Essonne.

It is not expected to return.

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Serbia The series is broadcast on B First time, it was aired on weekends at in It was cancelled after 50 episodes. The rind of ealamianses is bitter. Tell this boy to climib that cocoa-nut tree and knock down some,of the nuts so thwat we miay have a drink. He squeezed out the juice of some lemons and made us lemonade to dr-ink. Please pick up a few 'oranges for them. Antoran nengneng na kieo iratay ya nanengnengco. Say taoay. Sarayan dalandan maetara.

Afloanin panaon na manga. Saratan ya lanzones alotora. Ipangasim Ya obacanmocamini n sarayan chico. Say okis' na calamnanses amapait. Ibagam, ed sayan ugao ya oncalab ed satan ya niug tan ipuelagtoy pigaran niug ta pian macainom itayo.

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Inespuesto so tabol na dalaya tan ingaoaanto itayo na limonada ya inumen tayo. Ipangasim, ya Mdodocanmora na pigaran dalandan. Balang sinansakey ed sicatayo-Each one of us Spanish terms. Entero-enti re whole Enteron mundo for Sancamundoan Masiado,-too much, too many or very many Masiadoy culikik,-Yery many ducks sea-dayat sail-vn. Small fish are caught in shallow water.

The men cannot fish today because the waves are high. We sailed quickly to the fishing place because of a favorable wind.

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Sharks swim ornly in deep water. Each boat brought many kinds of fish. It was, necessary for each. The out-rigger of the boat broke when a great wave went over the boat.

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The net broke because of the great number of fish. We knew there was a boat there because we could see the sail. Another man will now dive into the lake. The weather is bad for sailing. Ankeleg a sira so naalan ed tapueo a danum. Sarayan totoo ag macapankemel natan ta ancabaleg so daloyon. Aganocamin nansacay ya angad kemelan lapud bolon.

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Saray pating manlangoy ira lambuengat ed aralem. Nacaoculan a balang sakey a too iuanbuegsay lapud say daguem sungpa. Say casig na baloto apoter nen siumnipuac so baleg a daloyon. Say iket apilat lapud carakel na sira.

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Amntami ya oalay parao dim-an lapud nanengnengmi so layag. Say sananey a too so' onlegep natan ed lago.

Alioan maong a panaon na pansacay. Siopaman-some of persons Siopaman ya too,-Somebody anybody Siopaman ya too onsabi naani,-Somebody will come soon Antocaman-somne of things Antocaman ya buengatla,-Something Oalay antocaman ya buengatla a nagaoan tampol Something is going to happen immediately Angapo-none no Angapoy too,-Nobody Angapoy buengatla:,-Nothing Compound relative pronouns,.

Saray pronombres relativas compuestos. Cono-Wheni somiething that someone has said is repea ted immediately, even if a translation into -Pangasinan, the expression cono is used. Labayoy mangan cono,- He say:,Ls that you want to eat No oalay buengatla ya sinalita no siopanman ya oliten a tampol, angaman sicatoy impatalos ed Pangasinan.

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No say apalabas ya tongtongan odino tongtong et olite'2, say Pangibaga ya "cuan co" tan ' "cuan to" sicaray icana onong a icuan ed Ingles "says I" tan "says he. Icana no say sakey a too et nonotento no antoy salitaento ya onsaguinonor odino diad pannononotto na ngaran a buengatla diad pueles na tongtongan: caolibay na "cua" ed salitay Iloco. Somebody hias taken mny slarp knif e. Yomr niewN glass has a. What makes that saw so dl 4. Pour some water iii11 this cup. Where did -voni buy, that wide bed. HeI usedl a. Bc ca-reful 01 Yvot will crack that plate. Some of' tie-c bolos are dill.

Sit down oil this lbeiclh. Oalay siopaman ya angala na macdem ya labajitac. Satay balon vasom oalay lamato. Akin et masiadon epel itan ya lagari? Inanmoy danum yan tasse. Ined so analioanmon tay malapar ya docolanmo? Incanatoy martillo a pangapiger ed sayan yorongan. Nacaoculanmon icana so cuchara ya pangcaor na antaman nacaoculanmo. Manaloarca odino andi nalamatanmo tay lipong. Arum ed sarayan barang epel. Yorongca ed sayan banco. Properly speaking there is no verb ''to be'' in Pangasinan. It is geui. Angapo la,- There is- no more. Masarag la,- It is enough already. Diad catuanto angapoy verbo "to be" ed sallitay Pangasinan.

Maslac ya acabatla.

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The enclitic so often stands where we would expect "is" in English; Ined so abungto? Say balicas. The future "shiall'' and the past ''was'' arc expressed by -adverbs of tinue. Oadia nensaman,-He was here Qadia naani,-He will be here Say futuro ",shall" tan say pasado "was," nibalicasira ed kicana na salitaran nipaacar ed panaon. The Pang-asinian verb oala ''to have'' is frequently lisedl idiomatically for, ''is. Qalay ponti,-There is a ban-ania. Oalay sakito,-He is sick. Say verbo ya "oala" to 1have mabethet ya icana ed nailoam ed pasen na "is" ed Ingles.