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Biracial Daughter Insisted She Was White

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Description One Drop Mobile is an award-winning app loaded with features to help you achieve great results! Size These rants are so similar, we swear there must be a school somewhere that teaches black-identified folks nothing but defense of the "one drop" myth.

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One Drop Too White by Mose & Mike

It is not so much your touch of the dreaded black blood that matters, but whether or not your ancestral documents census records, birth, marriage and death certificates, etc. The Latino Escape Hatch. Throughout most of the 20 th century, Latino elites in the United States and the government of Mexico itself argued that all Hispanics should be classified as "white" on all official records — regardless of appearance or ancestry.

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So a blond person with the "tarbrush" could be labeled "Negro" in Texas while a dark-skinned Mexican with no white blood or European ancestry would be officially labeled "white" — even if he was treated more like a Negro than a white person. Now that is big time passing! South Asians. Big time passing! Mississippi Chinese.

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The Chinese of Mississippi started out as "colored" and many of the men married "Negro" women. The leaders of the Chinese community begged the local white elites for the right to be classified as "white" instead of "colored.

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Big time passing and a rejection of family that you will never see condemned on television a la Imitation of Life. Jew and "Passing for White.

They look white but say they're black: a tiny town in Ohio wrestles with race

You can buy books telling you about hundreds of famous Americans who are secretly Jewish. By "secretly" I don't mean that they would deny it if you asked them. I mean that they don't announce it and carefully present a non-Jewish image to the public. This is called passing when the tarbrushed whites do it. It is big time passing!

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Working Class "Passing. Barney Dews and Carolyn Leste Law present a stream of stories in which academics from poor and working class backgrounds quickly learn to "pass" as upper middle class in origin and hide their less desirable relatives and backgrounds. In the 's movie, Stella Dallas , the working class mother drives her daughter away so the girl can be reared by her upper class father and have a better life. The film ends with the mother secretly looking at her daughter's high society wedding while standing outside in the rain.

Imagine Imitation of Life ending like that! Southern Whites in the North and "Passing for Yankee. He admitted that he is an exception. Many others will not deny that they were born south of the Mason-Dixon line, but hope to God that no one brings it up. Think of it! How many white Southerners do you know who are not poor and living in a community with other Southerners who retain their accents or advertise their Southern origins? Finally, how can there be true equality in this country while the "one drop" myth is presented to the American people as a perverted ideal we must honor — for no reason that makes any sense?

I began this presentation with a reference to racial definition laws of Nazi Germany.

There is no sense in pointing out the illogic and racism of the Nuremberg Laws while simultaneously upholding the "one drop" myth and its assumptions of white racial purity. We at Interracial Voice and The Multiracial Activist have spent years arguing with people the vast majority of them black-identified who claim to be devoted opponents of racism but fight like hell to retain the myth that all true whites are "pure" and "one drop" of "black blood" makes you "black.

There are no hard and fast boundaries that divide one so-called "race" from another. Whenever we fail to challenge the "one drop" myth and argue in favor of human freedom to choose one's one own identity, we effectively deny that sacred reality. Barney Dews, C. Temple University Press, Brodkin, Karen. Rutgers University Press, Brooks, James F. University of Nebraska Press, Channing, Carol. Courtney, Susan. Crane, Cynthia. Palgrave MacMillan, Dominguez, Virginia. Rutgers University Press. Dorman, James H. Creoles of Color of the Gulf South. University of Tennessee Press, Foley, Neil.

Forbes, Jack D. University of Illinois Press, Gabler, Neal. Random House Value Pub. Gallay, Alan. Yale University Press, Gates, Henry L. Gugielmo, Jennifer and Salerno, Salvatore. Are Italians White? Routledge, Haney Lopez, Ian F. Hartigan, John Jr.

Princeton University Press, Hodes, Martha E. New York University Press, Hoberman, J.

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Jacobson, Matthew Frye. Harvard University Press, Johnson, Kevin R. Kein, Sybil.