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Be a Better Financial Advisor (5 Things You Can Do Right Now)

So many told me they struggled with their personal finances. When you want to tell your money what to do, it's even more difficult to do so with your personal finances. I first learned about this plan when I was a blogger through Learnvest a little over two years ago. Ecstatic with a new way to tell my money what to do, I began to implement it. I fine-tuned it to the different seasons of my life. When my business baby got in the way, I began to ignore it.

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As things in my personal life came crashing down, I understood how to put them back together again. When I started over again from scratch, there was no guessing on how to spend my money and I knew where to cut expenses or renegotiate bills. Most importantly, this budget plan lets me know how much money my business must make to afford the lifestyle of my dreams!

2. Stay Top of Mind

This first tier is the veins of your home-base headquarters. I like to reverse engineer the way I handle my cash flow in my business by following Profit First. I ensure that I pay myself throughout the month instead of taking the profits from the business at the end of the month - hence profiting first! I will go in more detail about this in a later post!

How to Prepare for a Financial Emergency

I recommend this to clients, friends, family, and generally anyone who will listen. So now that I may have your wheels spinning. Take a sec and write down your fixed expenses. Since I recently hit close to rock bottom in my personal life, I found myself starting from scratch as well. Again, Dave Ramsey talks more about this in his book! Give new retainer clients a day grace period before implementing them in your official business budget.

Create Your Own Personal Financial Plan

Use said bonus to boost savings or pay off a credit card! Amazing tip I got from an entrepreneur friend, Narsha!

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  7. This is the section where you will make room for your FentyBeauty products. We usually end up starting our budget from scratch again in the middle the month because we went over or ignored.

    Take Control of Your Finances With Our Financial Planning Checklist

    It can change over time and you can adjust it for the season of your life. To find the best personal finance book for wherever you are in your money journey — from making a budget for the first time to decoding stocks and bonds — we asked ten money experts financial planners, journalists, podcast hosts, and authors for their picks. To earn a spot on the list, each of these titles had to be recommended by at least two members of our panel.

    If you feel clueless about budgeting or overwhelmed by student loans and other expenses, Broke Millennial by personal finance expert Erin Lowry came recommended by five of our experts as the best place to start. The book is aimed at and somethings who are dealing with both paying off debt and beginning to plan for the future. What does that mean to you? Money Mustache who practice extreme frugality and smart investing to retire young and devote more time to their passions.

    That could mean pursuing travel instead of home ownership or biking instead of buying a car to save for early retirement.

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    Another book by Bach that was popular among our experts, The Automatic Millionaire describes how to take the hard work and willpower out of the saving equation by automating your saving and investing. Skipping your morning coffee run sounds easy in theory, but in practice we know there are a host of emotional and psychological factors getting in the way of our making such a simple change.

    Thaler won the Nobel Prize in economics for his work in behavioral economics. Curious about personal finance?

    Three Great Personal Finance Books - 5MF031

    Attend our workshops to learn more about budgeting, credit, investing, loans, savings, and much more! The Center for Financial Independence educates and supports all Northeastern students on their path to financial literacy and independence while encouraging peer-to-peer knowledge creation and sharing. The Center primarily operates in three ways: hosting workshops and presentations, student mentor financial counseling, and Thrive — the personal finance incubator.

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    My one-on-one peer counseling session clarified matters regarding student debt that I previously found to be intimidating and was reluctant to address. In a 30 minute session, I gained a pretty firm grasp on how interest accrues on loans and credit cards, the variety of options available, and possible repayment plans for my debt. The activity at the end was fun, and helped me put the new information to use. Privacy Policy.