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When Angelica puts the fish in a pitcher, Charlotte asks Jonathan about the company daycare center, but Jonathan points out that she got rid of it—Charlotte then decides to reinstate it. After seeing how stressed his boss is, Jonathan suggests postponing the meeting with Ethel and Abe. But Charlotte doesn't want to give up on it, so she asks Jonathan to watch her daughter and nephew while she's at the meeting. Once her mom leaves, Angelica tricks Jonathan into leaving as well by asking him to get her a glass of water.

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Once he's gone, Angelica tells Tommy that they're going to look for the "toy" town from earlier. Tommy wonders if that's a good idea, but Angelica assures him that it's fine, since her mom's the head of the company.

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Just after they leave, Jonathan returns, asking what kind of water Angelica wanted, but when he sees her and Tommy are gone, he leaves to find Charlotte, as he knows he'll be in a lot of trouble if anything bad happens to them. Ethel and her husband figure that an executive like Charlotte from a company like MergeCorp probably wouldn't have the time to "coddle" it like they could—Charlotte tries assuring them that she could do it as well as they could.

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Meanwhile, Tommy and Angelica look for the room with the Cookie World model, and they end up making a mess of the stock room on the way over—Tommy puts a million-dollar contract through the shredder, and Angelica starts typing on one of the computers, causing MergeCorp's stock to plummet. Back in the boardroom, Charlotte tells Ethel and Abe that by selling their company to MergeCorp, their business will increase one-thousandfold.

Jonathan then runs in and tells her that Tommy and Angelica have gone missing. Charlotte is outraged when she hears this, but then calmly asks Ethel and Abe to excuse her, and that Jonathan will look after them while she sees to a minor crisis. Tommy and Angelica find the room with the Cookie World-model.

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  • They climb onto it, and Angelica tells him that she'll play The Amazing Gigantic Girl, a giant version of herself, while he can play the normal-sized townspeople. Tommy asks her what he is supposed to do, and she tells him to run and scream while she tries to stomp him. Angelica then begins to play, causing severe damage to the model. Tommy, while running from "giant" Angelica, trips the switch that operates the model, causing it to spin rapidly before trapping Angelica on the Cookie World side.

    Charlotte runs down the hall looking for Tommy and Angelica. When she stops at the water cooler which now has Vesko and Boski in it , Charlotte realizes that the kids are most likely where the Cookie World-model is, and rushes to it.

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    When she gets to the room, she's relieved to find that Tommy's okay. When she wonders where Angelica is, her nephew responds by rotating the model once more, showing his cousin among the wreck that was once Famous Ethel's Cookie World-entertainment park. TV Expand the sub-menu.

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