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She disregards the slight unease she feels when she learns of the extremely strict rules that she must follow — no guests, no leaving, no pictures, no fraternizing with the residents — but necessity wins out. Less than hours later, Jules is having doubts about her choice. Other apartment sitters in the building warn her of strange happenings, she finds out that the building has been the site of a unnaturally high number of suspicious deaths, and she cannot shake the feeling that she is being watched at all times.

A few days into her 3-month stay another apartment sitter goes missing without warning and when Jules attempts to find her, she learns that at least two other young women who were temporary residents in the building have also disappeared. Her search into where these young women have gone — and who might be responsible — leads her to uncover unimaginably grim secrets that implicate not just one person, but everyone who lives in the building.

With her life on the line, Jules must decide whether she will stay to search for clues into what is going on at the Bartholomew or will she get out while she can and hope the others did as well?

Armand Gamache and his beloved wife, Reine-Marie, are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary with a visit to a lavish resort deep in the Quebec wilderness. At the hotel Manoir Bellechasse, the couple enjoys gourmet meals; taking long walks in the woods; reading the shade; and swimming in the lake.

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The dark feelings surrounding the family have begun to spill over onto the other guests and staff at the Manoir, who keep getting drawn — unwillingly — into their arguments. Despite their attempts at avoiding the terrible family, the couple find themselves present when a huge fight erupts between the siblings, with everyone accusing the others of horrible acts of cruelty and greediness.

All are quick to point the finger at one another, all of them have a long list of slights to accuse the others of, and each seems filled with enough rage at their family to be able to commit the crime. But have Armand and his team made the wrong choice to focus so closely on the family? In a rural, coal mining village in post-World War I Kentucky, the lives of a group of women are about to be forever changed by a library.

As part of an initiative led by then First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, federal funds were dispersed to rural areas to create mobile libraries that would encourage literacy among the poorest Americans. In order for those books to get into the hands of farmers, miners, and loggers, librarians would need to sign up to deliver them on horseback. Baileyville, a tiny village of in the Kentucky back-country, is the headquarters for one branch of the Packhorse Librarians of Kentucky.


Within the humble walls of the library storehouse, the group of women who volunteer to deliver books will become close friends and change many lives, including their own. These two main characters are joined by Izzy, a polio survivor desperate to regain her independence after being crippled by the disease; Beth, a tough-as-nails daughter of a bootlegger who is determined to live a better life away from the mines and farms of Kentucky; and Sophia, an African-American woman who risks her life to work in the library.

Together the women face obstacles set in front of them, by nature and by man, and make their tiny traveling library the backbone of the mountain community.

Along the way, they see first hand the power books have to improve the lives of their neighbors and inspire them to seek better opportunities and protect their interests, especially from the corporations determined to exploit them. Asphyxial Deaths.

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Electrical Deaths. Temperature-Related Deaths. Burns and Fire-Related Deaths. Deaths in Infancy and Childhood.

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Miscellaneous Topics. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Forensic Pathology for Police, Death Investigators, Attorneys, and Forensic Scientists is a forensic pathology book specifically written for professionals who interact with forensic pathologists. Autopsy forensic pathology identification pathology. Buy options. Overview of Anatomy and Physiology. Postmortem Changes and Time of Death. Identification of Human Remains. Natural Deaths. Drug-Related and Toxin-Related Deaths.

Blunt Force Injury Deaths.

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Gunshot Wound Deaths. Sharp Force Injury Deaths.

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Asphyxial Deaths. Electrical Deaths.